Scleral Contact Lenses in Bronx

Individuals with hard-to-fit eyes, dry eyes, or corneal irregularities can look to scleral lenses for greater comfort and improved vision!

Are scleral lenses right for you?

Precisely fitted scleral contact lenses offer improved vision and clarity while helping to ensure comfort and maintain a smooth, protected, and lubricated ocular surface that promotes corneal health. They provide an effective and comfortable solution for individuals who find soft lenses uncomfortable or unsuitable for their needs.

Individuals with conditions in the following categories may benefit from scleral lenses:

  • Corneal irregularities due to conditions like keratoconus, a post-surgical development, or scarring
  • Ocular surface disorders, including dry eye syndrome
  • Hard-to-fit eyes, including high prescriptions and anatomical variations requiring greater stability and comfort

Some features and benefits of scleral lenses include:

Greater comfort

Scleral lenses are larger in diameter than traditional contact lenses. This feature allows them to vault over the cornea to sit more comfortably on the sclera. This area, known as the white portion of the eye, is less sensitive than the corneal tissue.

Enhanced stability and performance

Because of their bigger size and precise fit, scleral lenses offer added stability—making them less likely to move out of place or dislodge.

Support corneal health

Since scleral lenses are made of highly breathable rigid gas-permeable materials, they allow plenty of oxygen to reach the front surface of the eye to maintain eye health and comfort. Plus, the space between the cornea and scleral lens forms a tear reservoir to keep the front of the eye lubricated and moist.

Personalized care and custom solutions to support your eye health and vision

Scleral lenses are custom-made to the exact specifications and needs of every patient. Our office takes precise measurements to ensure your scleral lenses will fit perfectly and provide you with the best vision possible while supporting your eye health and comfort.

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